Selecting a manufacturer that is right for you means taking hours out of your day to educate yourself with what they do before you decide to hire them. Aside from asking questions, asking for price quotations, and collecting knowledge about potential manufacturing companies, you’ll soon find out that a lot of manufacturers have some dishonest qualities. Sometimes, investigating further might even cause you to discover that some might actually be using hazardous materials or in general just dangerous to use.

These list of questions will act as a guide for you to interview potential companies that can help you manufacture your supplements. If a representative from any nutraceutical company answers no to all or at least one of these questions, then you should be careful because this means that they have a lot of red flags when it comes to manufacturing.


Make sure to ask about Service Manufacturing Completion

Straightforwardly connecting with those who are working on your supplement production project can help you a lot of time, money and effort. For example, you have specific instructions that are a bit complicated and need to be assimilated into your packaging, it’s more convenient to express your concern and specific instructions through email or on the phone, but aren’t you supposed to be able to talk directly to the appointed artist for your graphics and design?

The same kind of situation applies to all aspects of the manufacturing process, if you have to talk to someone from the warehouse immediately. Before you hire just anybody, make sure that you ask him or her about where the companies operations are conducted. If they are operated by a third party vendor or subcontracted out of the company and they are not physically present in the same building as all the other members of the company, then you’ll likely have to go through endless back and forth with a middleman you cannot talk to personally.


If you want to find out how people in the supplement manufacturers business operate, it’s not enough to rely on their virtual tours to authenticate their genuineness. Instead, opt to meet your selected manufacturer and inspect their operations to prove that they are a good company to work with. 

The laboratories where your supplements are manufactured are one of the tidiest in the country. We highly urge our future clients to call and visit our factory. There is remarkable importance to putting a face on a familiar voice. We would love for you to talk and meet with our staff members as well as show you the type of machines we use to manufacture your products.


If the chosen manufacturer you are trying to interview cannot supply you with work references, then chances are that they aren’t proud of the clients they work with. Do not accept any vague answers; ensure that your supplement partner is willing to fix an interview with their clients. In the event that you are already given the chance to talk to a reference, also make sure to ask hard-hitting questions and corroborate if their relationship with the manufacturer is still healthy. Also ask about how long they have been partners and if their representatives respond attentively regardless if it is through email or over the phone. 


Having to go through too many call menu’s can be annoying for anyone who needs to make an important business call after office hours. Getting a human to answer the phone is a definite must. There’s a possibility that your supplement partner does not take your business seriously if you do not have access to an actual person 24/7. So, remember to ask them how they relay business calls after operating hours.


Getting someone human to answer the phone during business hours is better than having to go through an endless list of phone menus. but, what happens when you need to talk to someone from the company after business hours? if your chosen supplement partner is not able to entertain your calls after business hours, then they are not the best people to work with. If a contact person is not available 24/7, then it is likely that you will have problems with them in the long run. So, always remember to ask about the process of after hour calls.

If a company does not have liability insurance, do not do business with them. Of course, the manufacturers aren’t the only ones who are eligible of a  disclosure for product liability. Included in the list are also resellers; so make sure the manufacturing partner you are organizing to employ has sufficient insurance coverage to safeguard them and yourself.


Sometimes supplement manufacturers promote goods that are good, but if the representative assigned cannot explain the process after you have made your deposit, take caution. Their process could either be too complex, or you have found a partner that has staff members with little knowledge of the manufacturing process. 

All representatives a EC NUTRA are trained properly and knowledgeable. They are able to set your expectations efficiently. 



All of our products are FDA approved which can be marketed 4 weeks after we have received your approved label designs. Our GMP certified facility offers a full selection of machines that are designed to create customized supplements like secondary packaging, flavoring systems, custom tools and etc. The seasoned technicians and chemists working on our products love to create nutritionally rich products and make sure all projects are completed with high quality.

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