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Tablet Manufacturer

Clients choose EC NUTRA because our tablet manufacturing services are cost effective. Your tablets will be manufactured using next generation coating and press machines that generate high quality custom tablets. We’re capable of producing all types of tablets, which include coated, raw, chewable, sublingual, and time release. We can also create tablets according to your chosen specifications, which include size, color, shape, glaze and tablet layering. Even better, your tablets can be delivered within 4 weeks.  

Tablets are one of the most commonly used forms of encapsulation. They offer more customization and more possibilities for your formula and blend.

Our process makes the 4-week delivery possible because our process is streamlined, and our staff is highly trained and well equipped. Not only do clients love EC NUTRA service, but communication is easy and upfront as well. If you have a product that you would like to have manufactured by us in tablet form, you can request for a quote online or call us at 1-844-939-0492. Make sure to email us with your preferred formula. If you do not have a formula yet, we can help you come up with one. 


There are customization options within each tablet category that will significantly augment the product experience. Tablets can be coated according to the color that you choose. You can also create interesting shapes that will add a punch to your products. Geometric designs include diamonds, triangles, and squares while the more unique shapes can be animals, hearts, moons, stars, and etc. Imprinting options are available as well so that you can communicate your message to your consumers. This includes the formula name, brand, or dosage amount or any text for that matter that fits the allowable space limits.

Category Options Coating Options Shape Options Imprinting Options
Bi-Layered Color Coated Round None
Time-Release Sugar Coated Caplet Imprinted
Sublingual Enteric Coated Oval  
Chewable Film Coated Geometric  
Pharmaceutical Glazed Irregular

The Chart above features some of the tablet manufacturing we can offer you. For more specific details call us at 1-844-939-0492 or fill out our REQUEST A QUOTE FORM 


EC NUTRA  strives to offer our customers a suite of complete options when it comes to tablet manufacturing, especially when it comes to product quality. The machines that we use to manufacture your tablets are all well maintained and state of the art. The facilities we use to manufacture supplements are GMP certified which ensures superior grade tablets.  Our company makes sure that strict quality control procedures are enforced that no tablet displays lamentation or capping appearances. 


In order to attract the right customers to your supplement brand, you must be be able to present  your consumers with a high end look. Our company has a graphics department that is dedicated to helping you design your labels and product packaging. We have many options available for packaging, which includes boxed blister packs, bottles, and single serve packaging for retail outlets. There’s also the option to configure your containers according to your vision. The artwork that we come up with will always be exceptional, and we work with you step by step to make sure your vision turns into reality. 

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