Softgel Manufacturing


Producing manufactured softgel capsules at EC NUTRA  is easy because it’s strong and postulates the capacity to come up with a distinctive dietary supplement. Our service consists of shape, size, color, and coating customization for all supplemented softgels. EC Nutra’s production experts will help you come up with a proper price and formula for your product. Most of our clients commend us for the service we provide and softgel products we produce because they are affordable, flexible, and the minimum orders are reasonably priced. 

Consumers love softgel capsules because the texture of the smooth capsule makes it easy to put in the mouth and swallow. The nutritional formula is placed inside the softgel capsule, which holds everything together. Diet supplements made in the form of a softgel capsule which is then swallowed makes it easier for the body to absorb all the nutrients, as compared to traditional capsules and tablets according to industry standard. This is favorable if your product formula includes ingredients that’s difficult for absorption.


Softgels that you ask us to produce can come in different shapes, shell colors, and sizes. It can even be made transparent, or shaded according to your color choice or hazy. If you have a light sensitive formula, we would suggest producing a hazy shell. There’s also the option to scent your softgels to mask the odors found in the ingredients, which is favored for products with omega 3 and fish oil. 


The softgel that we produce for you can also have an enteral coating, which is perfect for products that need to be consumed by the small intestine. Softgels could also be filled with flavored liquid and made as a chewable.   

Color Coating Options Shape
Transparent Scented Oval
Opaque Enteric Oblong
Two Color    

On this chart you will see some of our most ordered products for softgel manufacturing, call us at 1844-939-0492 if you see something specific to your needs that you find interesting.


Softgels manufactured at EC NUTRA  are made in a GMP certified manufacturing factory. The facility includes state of the art encapsulation and blending machines. A team of expert technicians handle all of the machinery. A doctor will also be present to ensure that drying techniques and encapsulations are perfected. All areas of the manufacturing process always has to go through a strict quality control procedure to ensure the best outcome for all products. This will also ensure that the outcome of softgel will be unrivaled. When choosing Ecnutra’s softgel manufacturing, you can expect to get pharmaceutical quality grade products. 


To add more excitement to the type of service you will be getting when choosing our softgel, we also have a group of talented graphic artists that can help you create your packaging. One of the more popular options for softgel would be a container bottle, but other branded vitamin companies prefer to bundle their products in a single dose package or a blister pack. our artists can also help you design fliers, inserts, and other collaterals you may need. 

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