William Tyler on 7/2019

My company was looking for a new supplement manufacturer to work with, because my brand needed more attention. I needed someone who can help me stand out from the crowd. My on boarding process with utmost care and handled by great professionals who not only know every single detail of the process, but also those who I can trust to produce my products with quality. I am happy with Ecnutra’s service, amazing team, and attention to customer satisfaction. They not only delivered, but also exceeded all of my expectations.

Mohammad Saiq on 11/2018

A few years back, I had an issue with a manufacturer that did not deliver. I was very skeptical with trusting another one because of my experience and frankly did not even want to try, but I am glad that I did. Ecnutra puts high value in their customer’s opinions and it shows in the outcome of their work. They got my product right and now my company is doing better than ever! 

Christopher Taylor on 12/2018

Excellent Service! I was in doubt about whether or not to trust another manufacturer after having been ripped off one too many times during my first run. I was put through to the general manager, and he really did a good job at securing me through out the process. I was also very impressed with the fact that he took the time to explain everything to me in fine detail without missing out. Other companies don’t even bother about other parts of the process, but he explained everything thoroughly. Much appreciated and I am happy to be working with everyone at Ecnutra! 

James Freeman on 10/2018

 I love how Ecnutra has all services in one. I was having trouble designing my packaging because I did not have an in house graphic artist, but I am surprised that they got my idea and turned it into an actual product. It’s very accurate and totally how I would imagine my label to look like! Great work! 


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