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In the world of fitness and health, protein supplements are in high demand. Does your business need to manufacture a protein supplement to go against your competition and keep your loyal customers happy? In order to survive in this industry, you will need a nutritionally rich, great tasting, and consistently manufactured supplement with a striking label. Ecnutra is your best solution, because our team of efficient staff members has been servicing the bodybuilding industry for more a few years. bodybuilders want the BEST protein.

Our company only manufactures premium protein powder with unrivaled industry proficiency in formulating delicious supplements. Your products will be manufactured with only the best raw materials available and with great quality. Our process of manufacturing is precise and allows us to ship the finished products in no less than 4 weeks. If you choose to work with us, you can expect a premium grade protein supplement that your customers will keep buying.


If you choose to work with us, you will receive these great benefits along with our service, which includes:

• Quick 4 week manufacturing and delivery, you can meet customer demands.

• FDA expertise in labeling and close guidance to help you avoid potential complaints or issues. 

•Manufacturing that exceeds all FDA requirements and standards.
Affordable pricing options


Although Ecnutra stocks up on only the best whey protein formulas and in many flavors, our company would be delighted to help you come up with a customized flavor formula under your preference. 

Whey isolate protein is a pure form of whey has less than 1% lactose, which is easily processed and absorbed by the body. Even better, this form of why has no carbs. Apart from it’s easy to digest properties; your customers can achieve a perfectly toned body in no time. 

Papain is another poteolytic enzyme, which is responsible for breaking the long chain of protein molecules into smaller fragments. This eventually turns into amino acids, which are extracted from a raw fruit or leaf of the papaya plan. Papain is also well known for relieving muscle soreness after an intense work out.


This product has a high value of nutrition, because it consists of essential phosphorus, amino acids, calcium, and carbohydrates. Casseinate also aids athletes and hardcore body builders prevent catabolism, because it is known to have anti catabolic protein. Basically, this means that the body tears down the muscle tissues in your body to get amino acids that are stored inside your muscle protein. For energy, the body uses stored amino acids for development and growth. The more you workout, the more your body stars searching for available protein to keep it effective. Supplements that contain anti catabolic properties provide the body with amino acids that help breakdown the process. 


Soy is a great protein option, because it is high in protein. Additionally, it provides the body with amino acids and lecithin. It also has a variety of minerals and vitamins, which aid in boosting immunity and energy levels to build muscle. This form or protein is also good for vegetarians who are nutrient deficient, which is commonly attained from animal protein. 



Our approach is straightforward when it comes to protein supplement manufacturing. We only make use of the best tasting ingredients, season team of manufacturers, and make sure that quality control is strictly implemented to produce excellent products

Ecnutra also offers a wide selection of packaging options for your supplements that are efficient and convenient. Our options include jars, single dose packets, and capsules. We do not have any limitations and we make sure to keep a close communication with our clients to meet requests and specific needs. Furthermore, we concentrate on great service and customer satisfaction.


With Ecnutra, we believe flexibility is the best ingredient to a fulfilling your product vision. Our company can help you manufacture different kinds of protein supplements, which include traditional powders, shakes, and capsules. The level of service that we can provide is second to none, and we are willing to accept the challenge. In fact, reordering will become stress free. Your clients can expect to receive their favorite supplements in high quality.


Regardless if you need jars, large cases, small single dose packets and etc. to make distribution easier, we can easily adapt to your specific requirements. At Ecnutra, we can offer you with a free quotation and we also look forward to discussing your specific needs. For more information, you may contact us at this number 1-844-939-0492

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