Powder Manufacturing


There are two parts when it comes to creating a successful and exceptional supplement powder: Apart from the taste, the product should also include nutritionally higher facts about the supplement. Regardless if you would like to produce a weight loss, meal replacement, or bodybuilding powder, you’ll want EC NUTRA’s flavor specialists on your team. 

Our flavor specialists understand that the components in the formula you have can affect the taste. They can suggest a unique combination of enhancements which can improve the taste of your powder. Our portfolio of deep flavor includes strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate which are flavors that are quite popular. We urge all of our customers to consider customizing their flavored powder because the selections of masking adheres 100% to the customization of your product. 

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Once you have determined the formula for your product, we can begin with the production of sweeteners and flavor selections. All of our additives include a variety of artificial and natural flavors. If you agree to come up with a customized flavor, EC NUTRA flavor specialists will make a flavor structure for you with a specific taste that modifies the flavor of your formula. If you do not want to add additives to your product, you can opt to simply exclude it during the production of your powder. There’s also the option to modify the powder coloring, which can be improved, with artificial or natural coloring. 


Traditionally, powdered products are usually sold in jars or bottles, but they can also be packaged in all kinds of bags and in different shapes in sizes for convenience and portability. Our seasoned graphic artists can help you come up with a design for your product packaging and labels. Whether it is whey protein shake or an appetite suppressant, we have the resources to service you fully. 


Consistency and ingredient freshness is very important. Customers who repeat their orders with us will be able to distinguish the difference among a stale and fresh ingestible. Although one products expiration and shelf life labeling can help prevent the issues in taste after the manufacturing date, the ingredient’s age used in the powder the moment that it is closed off will indicate how the powder will taste.  

Our company can guarantee only the freshest powders made because our warehouse always makes sure to replenish any raw materials. The high rate of turnover safeguards the low priced quotes as well during manufacturing on your own supplement powder. Additionally, the raw materials that are used are only sourced from high quality suppliers so you can be secured that formulas that are made by us can be well known. Our facility also is equipped with state of the art Blenders so that the powder is made equally. We also have high precision filling machines, which is used to produce dry powder. Our facility is controlled environmentally so that the powder stays dry. 

Flavoring Options Sweetener Options Color Options Flavor Options
Natural Natural Natural Stock
Artificial Artificial Artificial Custom
Natural + Artificial Natural + Artificial None  
Unflavored Unsweetened    

On this chart you will see some of our most ordered products for powder manufacturing, call us at 1844-939-0492 if you see something specific to your needs that you find interesting.

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