The Best American Vitamin Companies

For the majority of our visits to the doctor, most physicians would recommend getting nutrients from a selection of healthy foods. But for those people who are finding it hard to gain weight, or have certain vitamin deficiencies require a different method to reach a healthy body. Supplements are a big help when it comes to these situations.

For that reason alone, you can’t just get any kind of supplement and assume that it is reliable. This is where you need to consider the best American vitamin companies as your main source of quality supplements.

Sadly, there is no specific list of top vitamin companies out there, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to make it harder for you to make a decision. By carefully taking note of some important facts about the supplement industry, reputable supplement manufacturers, and advice from your doctor, you’ll be able to find the best brands out there that will be suitable for your needs.


Why should you be taking Vitamins?

 Before you consider just any brand out there, rethink why you need to take supplements or multivitamins in the first place. If you are a person who has deficiencies in absorbing certain nutrients, then you will need the approval of your doctor to take supplements or vitamins because getting these nutrients from food alone will not be enough.

These would be the type of people who are on a restricted calorie or low calorie diet, or those people who are restricted from eating certain kinds of food like vegetarians or those who have celiac disease. There are also other people who need certain nutritional needs like pregnant women or patients who are recovering from an injury and a sickness.


Considering what is available on the Market Today

It’s important to take note that there is no definite standard for nutritional supplements. The FDA does not approve any supplements before they hit the market, but this causes supplement manufacturers to follow good practices when it comes to manufacturing supplements, which encompass requirements for storage and preparation of supplements.

Even if you find a supplement in a store and it says “Standardized”, “Certified”, or “Verified”, you can’t take anything you see for granted, because these words are not regulated properly by the US law and do not really guarantee that the product is of good quality or consistency.

All ingredients that can be found in supplements include vitamins and minerals, but they can also have other ingredients as well like botanicals, herbs, enzymes and amino acids. These supplements may come in the form of tablets, capsules, or you can even purchase them in the form of powder or a pre mixed drink. Sometimes, they can even come in the form of food like energy bars.

All of these supplements are required to have a facts label which completely displays the contents and ingredients. It should also include binders, fillers, and flavors.

When you are searching for the best multivitamin, there are certain products available out there that cater to a specific demographic, which is based on gender and age. A men’s multivitamin might be different from women’s. For example, a multivitamin that is made for men may contain lower levels of iron whereas; a woman’s multivitamin may contain extra iron and calcium.

So, before you look for what is best for you, make sure that you are looking at the packaging carefully and make sure that it is for your specific needs.


Finding good American Vitamin Companies

When looking for good supplements available on the market, you’ll likely be geared to make a decision based on the price, availability and quality. Or, you can also get a recommendation from your doctor. If you are doing research on the top American vitamin companies, there are ways that you can make a quick choice as a consumer, which includes:

  • Call the Supplement manufacturer – there is nothing wrong with being too sure about your choices. You can call up the manufacturer and ask them a few questions about what kind of information exists for them to support the health claims included in their packaging. If that is not enough information for you, you can also research online but do not rely solely on the reviews, because this could always be made up.

  • Find out if the company has any results on safety of the product – you can ask the manufacturer what kind of safety practices they enforce while they produce the products. And you can also ask if they have received any negative feedback, this will always make your decision easier and more definite.

  • Do your research – as mentioned, doing your research means going beyond the internet and other customers for information. If you really want to find out what is included in the supplements you choose to buy, you can always do your own research. This means, getting to know the process, the ingredients, and the safety regulations at the factory.


Other useful Reminders

We all know how hard it is to pick a good American vitamin company to buy supplements from, but these tips will help you make your choice faster. A few other pointers would include avoiding supplements with ingredients that you do not need. Always remember that just because the multivitamin or supplement has a higher dosage, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for your needs.

So, even if there isn’t a definite list of top brands, that doesn’t mean that you cannot make a good choice. Remember that it’s always better to talk to your doctor about these things to ensure that you do not end up getting the wrong vitamins for your health.

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