Flavor Manufacturing

We care about Taste

Senses dictate the product experience of our customers. When it comes to nutritional supplements, consumers care about flavor. Before, a lot of powdered supplements were pale in texture and just unattractive in general. Today, there are many ways to advance the product flavor. Distributors won’t make the effort to stock unappetizing products and customers won’t even think twice about the benefits it has on the health. 

At Ecnutra, we believe that a supplement manufacturers priority is to create a great tasting product to create brand dominance. We think that a good product experience is shaped the second that a customer gets to taste the flavor of the products. First impressions matter because it intensely influences recurring purchases. Additionally, it also helps brands become well-known to the public through the use of verbal marketing. Our team of established flavor specialists helps us improve the taste of your supplements by combining it with only the best extracts for your formula.

EC Nutra  is dedicated to providing private label supplements to a growing international client base.  Our commitment to quality, continuing best practices and excellent customer service makes us one of the best supplement manufacturers in the country. 



Our company prioritizes development and research on the behalf of your company. The first step is to examine the sensitive ingredients included that are in your product and come up with a flavor outline. We’ll then pinpoint the products that can be found in the marketplace that is similar to yours, review the included ingredients, and conduct a taste test. Our team of flavor specialists will then assess how potential competitors blend their flavor. 


Depending on the conceivable chance for improvement, our specialists will suggest to either “craft a fresh flavor” or “flavor match” your supplement. After deciding on a flavor target for your supplement, our experts will carefully select the appropriate balancers and enhancers from a catalog of comprehensive botanic extracts, organic herbal juice, essential oils, and aromatic compounds. Sweeteners and flavoring can be artificial, natural, or a mixture of both. These selections we will be making are centered on your product preference, and how it will perform when sold to your target market. 

Our team will conduct test for the taste from the lab and tweak the formula until they can come up with a flavor that is satisfying enough to fit your product. Taste testing usually happens throughout the Q and A manufacturing to lessen interruptions.

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