Cream Manufacturing

One of a kind Creams, Serums and More

Our company can offer custom solutions for cream manufacturing surrounding all categories of facial and self care products which includes emulsions, lotions, gels, cleansers, serums, polishes and a lot of others. We’ll help you come up with an exclusive self care product line and only include carefully selected nutrient and botanical textures, enhancers, colors, thickening agents and supplementary customizations according to your preference. 

Our cream manufacturing facility is GMP compliant and allows you to cultivate a full selection of soaps, cosmetics, skincare, sunscreens, hair care, topical creams and oral care products which customers go nuts over. The advanced procedures and technology used to produce your products certifies incomparable stability and consistency in all products. Do you need to find out more? ask us for a quote about our selection of manufacturing proficiencies.

Industries Product Genres Filling Options Category Options
Pharmacy/Grocery Ointments Tubes Creams
Beauty & Cosmetics Moisturizers Jars Lotions
Skincare Cleansers Bottles Serums
Salons Toners Airless Pumps Liquids
Direct-to-Consumer Masks Vials Gels
Hotel / Hospitality Soaps/Shampoos  
Medical Sunscreen
Natural Health Scrubs
Professional Services

This chart represents our most popular cream manufacturing solutions, please call 1-844-939-0492 if there’s a specific manufacturing option that interests you.


EC NUTRA offers an implausible service starting from the beginning to end. First, we will personally guide you when formulating your self care products. Concurrently, our experienced team of graphic designers will help you come up with the mechanics and label the packaging of your products. Once the artwork is finalized, we’ll expedite the testing and manufacturing of your self care products. During the early stages of the planning, we distinctly explain all the steps in detail so that you know what exactly to anticipate when your product concept comes to life. 


We can help you design your self care product’s packaging. There’s even the option to customize it. We can use vials, jars, tubes, pots, pens,pumps, and bottles according your product requirement needs. Our team of experience graphic artists will help you come up with a design for your packaging that perfectly reflects the identity of your product. When you produce creams with EC NUTRA , you can expect an excellent customized product, with unique qualities that will help it attract attention on the marketplace. 


At EC NUTRA , we utilize state of the art technology when it comes to manufacturing your creams. We always make sure to be attentive when it comes to the purity of the product, offering rigorous quality control procedures with recurrent raw material testing. Regardless if your order is small or big, we can scale the batching so we reach expectations. Our facility is GMP complaisant and firmly observes quality control measures and operating procedures. As your order develops through the various phases of production, it will be assigned a unique code, which our specialists will use to keep you up to date with the progress and when it will be ready.   

Service Fulfillment

Allow us to take care of your self care products through our Fulfillment services, while you give more attention to cultivating your business further. Our warehouse is always protected and provides the finest storage environments for all of your valued products. Our company can give you the needed tools for reporting which can help maintain the flow of your orders and inventory. For those clients who may want to assimilate deeper with EC NUTRA’S fulfillment operation can make use of API reports. We also offer many solutions that are exceptional to assist you in attaching your delivery system to our warehouse for a smooth and fast deployment. 


Shipment to any Location

We have a team of experienced distribution and warehouse staff that diligently packs your products for international and domestic shipping. Our team will ship directly to your consumers, offices, major retail outlets, department stores, pharmacies, and boutiques by using all kinds service carriers.  EC NUTRA comes equipped with extensive cream manufacturing experience, along with great customer service, fulfillment, and packaging design we can help you make an impact especially for product success. 

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