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Capsules Made the Correct Way

Manufacturing top quality capsules at EC NUTRA is cost effective. Our capsule development service allows you to customize the materials for encapsulation and appearance of all nutritional products for your company.

As a tenured capsule manufacturing company, we recognize the significance of selling superior quality products; that’s why our specialists are fully committed to guiding you towards producing the correct formula for your products. For more information and a quotation for our services of manufacturing, you can call this number 1844-939-0492, or click on the link below. Otherwise continue reading to get more information.

Options for Capsule Manufacturing

There’s no limit when it comes to the way you want your capsules manufactured. All capsules can be accommodated with a variety in texture, shape, and size. To get a better understanding of the limitless opportunities we can provide for you, the abbreviated chart shows a list of options for capsule manufacturing.

Capsules can be custom-made with text and can also match with the color of your brand. If there’s other options that you would like us to include on the list for capsule manufacturing, please let us know by calling us and we’ll happily partner with you to see if it’s possible to produce a capsule according to your chosen specifications.

On this chart you will see some of our most ordered products for capsule manufacturing, call us at 1844-939-0492 if you see something specific to your needs that you find interesting.


Our Quality of Capsule is Universal

When it comes to capsule manufacturing, we only make use of state of the art machines and we promise exceptional quality. The semi automatic, high speed filling machines that we use work productively in a space that is GMP certified so moisture problems in the capsules can be prevented. An EC NUTRA  product capsule is unique because it’s dust free, non sticky, and symmetrical. This is why we stand out among the competition because the pricing is always reasonable the job will always be made right.

Options for Capsule Packaging

We give our customers the option to package their products in a wide array of boxes. It doesn’t matter if you choose to promote your capsule products in a bottle,package them for display in retail outlets, or put them in a small pack blister, Ecnutra’s design services for packaging will make your presentation ideas come to life.


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